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This song I have just heard is very great! The music is very soothing and is very relaxing to hear after my very busy and exciting life! The way the instruments play and ring are very pure, a not so common delicacy in my city, that just keeps your going through the harshest of times.

Not to put down your wonderous song,

But someone has recently come along

And said that your taste in music is rather poor.

Not long after that I just shut my door.

I can’t say I disagree with what she was saying,

But I felt that it’s not in my presence that she should be staying.

The main subject of her bold statement:

Your inferior taste in music could present you with a predicament.


My love for you Celimene is so great that I watch you constantly.  #isthatweird?

I don’t find your actions too strange.

Indeed I have experienced a wide range

Of similar actions from the lot

Of lovers’ eyes that I have caught.

You mustn’t fret over these past events

Because you can never change the past tense.

The Great Alceste: Célimène, I honestly wish you were more like me.


“I confess your [Célimène] conduct gives me infinite distress, and my resentment’s grown too hot to smother. Soon, I foresee, we’ll break with one another. If I said otherwise, I should deceive you; Sooner of later, I shall be forced to leave you, And if I swore that we shall never part, I…

"Is it my fault that all these men pursue me?

Am I to blame if they’re attracted to me?”

You say "a less responsive heart" is the easy solution.

I disagree. You’re the one who needs a new resolution.

Stop worrying about these other suitors.

I won’t leave them just beause you see them as polluters.

It’s not a problem that I "can’t bear, for ten ticks of the clock,

Not to keep open house for all who knock.”

I can’t cut my friends off from my life just for you.

These men mean a lot to me, as do you.

Adele, a bright young star at the age of 23,

What are you doing with someone so much older than thee?

Swampy is the sobriquet of this rugged man

Because he looks like nobody else possibly can.

His dirty-looking hair and scraggly beard

Only support the case that he looks so weird.

I know he may seem smart when you look at his background,

But that does not mean that he is the only smart one around.

Adele, if only you were a real go-getter,

You would probably do much, much better.

My friends, you should read this article to find out about Adele’s new man.

This article explains him and his life as well as anyone can.

This is a quite interesting melody.

Arsinoe seems to think it applies to me.

She wishes I would admit to leading on too many men,

But she has it wrong. They’re my friends, she doesn’t even have ten.

This song is unlike me, according to a detective.

It’s quite obvious, especially since it’s written from a man’s perspective.

Arsinoe: something you should know of….

"The other day, I went to an affair

And found some most distinguished people there

Discussing piety, both false and true.

The conversation soon came round to you.

Alas! Your prudery and bustling zeal

Appeared to have a very slight appeal.

Your affectation of a grave demeanor,

Your endless talk of virtue and of honor,

The aptitude of your suspicious mind

For finding sin where there is none to find,

Your towering self-esteem, that pitying face

With which you contemplate the human race,

Your sermonizings and your sharp aspersions

On people’s pure and innocent diversions-

All these were mentioned, madam, and, in fact,

Were roundly and concertedly attacked.”

My love for Célimène…


“My love for that young widow’s not the kind
That can’t perceive defects; no, i’m not blind.
I see her faults, despite my ardent love,
And all I see I fervently reprove.
And yet i’m weak; for all her falsity,
That woman knows the art of pleasing me,
And though I never cease complaining of her,
I swear I cannot manage not to love her.
Her charm outweighs her faults; I can but aim
To cleanse her spirit in my love’s pure flame.”

"Your love for me is matchless, sir; that’s clear."

"In all the world it has no peer."

In fact, the way you love me is "a brand-new fashion."

"Words can’t describe the nature of [your] passion."

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